Cyber Security Training

At Algora Cyber, we value you, and we want you to create value. With our targeted training courses, labs, and guidance, we will prepare you for real-world problems, with real-world skills. On average, there are over twenty available Cyber Security jobs for every one qualified applicant;  we aim to bridge that gap with you and the skills that you will receive from our courses. Whether you are interested in networking, architecture, compliance, audit or penetration testing, Algora Cyber will take you to the next level with training by industry professionals. Our training faculty are more than just educators, they are frontline fighters in the world of Cyber Security, and they are here for one purpose. To make YOU the next frontline IT security professional, ready to solve real problems.

Our training courses are designed to help you reach a number of objectives including:

  • Proficiency in various IT security practice areas

  • Prepare you for industry certification exams

  • Readiness for an entry-level Cyber Security position

Job Preparation | Workshop

So, you have gained the necessary skills, you’re ready for the next challenge, and you need opportunity; getting ready for a specific job opportunity is paramount! Algora Cyber has tailored a unique program to help you build confidence, design a resume and market yourself. Algora Cyber’s Job Preparation workshop will provide you with the tools to properly identify your skills and key practice competencies, search for a great career fit, build and maintain an interview-achieving resume.

Key workshop topics include:

  • Resume construction and tailoring

  • Job search strategies

  • Networking methods

  •  Interview tactics and skills