Penetration Testing

At Algora Cyber, we value our customers and we want to create value for you. We are the Penetration Testing service provider. We specialize in providing expert Offensive Cyber Security services to clients within a wide variety of sectors. Our consultants have years of experience in web application penetration testing, API penetration testing, internal/external/wireless network penetration testing, phishing campaigns, and secure build reviews.

Penetration testing will help you reach a number of objectives including:

  • Meet compliance requirements (PCI, HIPAA, ISO)

  • Identify vulnerabilities of your company

  • Verifying existing Cyber Security programs

Vulnerability Assessment

With an effective vulnerability assessment program, the organization has the tools needed to understand its security weaknesses, assess the risks associated with those weaknesses, and put protections in place that reduce the likelihood of a breach. Conducted on a regular basis, vulnerability assessments help ensure the security of networks, particularly when changes have been made such as adding new services, installing new equipment, opening new ports, and moving to the cloud. Each vulnerability assessment provides the organization with information about weaknesses in its environment, offers fresh insights into degrees of risk, and suggests ways to best mitigate the risks associated with those weaknesses and evolving threats.

Benefits of the vulnerability assessment include:

  • Application vulnerabilities

  • Security Configuration issues

  • Network vulnerabilities

  • Visibility of overall security posture