About Us

Algora Cyber was founded with a mission to open doors to Cyber Security careers for individuals from various backgrounds who are willing to make a change in their lives. We accomplish this mission by providing technical skills, conveying knowledge and exposing students to a diverse set of tools used in the industry. We also provide services such as resume building and professional interview readiness. We prepare intelligent, dedicated individuals to work in key technical and analytical roles within the Cyber Security field through content and hands-on practice designed to meet and exceed the skills needed to jump-start a successful career. This is a real change for real people with the real return!

Our core teaching values define what we stand for and how we do things, and help us to work together in the most effective and fulfilling way.

  • Honesty in all we do

  • Innovation in the workforce

  • Credibility among our peers

  • Integrity through instruction

Our Team

Shohrat Geldiyev
BS CEN, OSWP, OSCP, AWS-CSAA | Sr. Vulnerability Threat Engineer, HireRight | FOUNDER, LEAD TRAINER

Mr. Geldiyev holds his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and has various certifications in the cyber security field. He also has 9 years of teaching experience including public school and university level. Mr. Geldiyev loves learning new technologies, enjoys automation, taking advantage of cloud technology and infrastructure as a code. He is passionate about mentoring young professionals to get into the cybersecurity field, sharing his knowledge and experience.

Mr. Geldiyev currently works as a Sr. Vulnerability Threat Engineer, manages vulnerability management program and performs a penetration testing of the web applications, APIs, networks, and internal red team activities.

Bibi Geldiyeva

Bibi holds a degree in Computer Engineering and also has 5 years of experience in teaching. She has been in the web development arena since 2015 and has worked on multiple web projects in different roles.

Bibi is actively involved in building our innovative learning platform and lab environments which will be available for students to practice hands-on activities. She manages our learning portal and website migration project to a cloud platform to provide a better experience for visitors. Bibi believes in cloud technology and its potential to optimize modern business operations.

Patrick Ibrahim

During his tenure as an IT Security Consultant, he has become well versed in the realm of PCI audit and general IT consulting. He has extensive experience with both service provider and merchant reports on compliance and attestations of compliance. He possesses an aptitude for conveying gaps and risks to clients in an effort to bring them across the compliance finish line.

General consulting is his trade, and he takes pride in guiding his clients through their compliance and business architecture initiatives. He lives and breathes IT consulting and problem-solving, specializing in providing solutions, and guiding clients through complex technical hurdles related to people, process and technology.

Chris Groves

Mr. Groves has over 10 years of experience in IT and information security in various roles including administrator, IT operations and Infrastructure Management. He also has 2.5 years of experience as a Security Assessor performing various compliance, risk, and best practice assessments for large and small businesses across major industries. He currently serves as a Senior Consultant performing network,  web application, and mobile penetration tests for a variety of clients and industries.

Algora Cyber

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