It was a remarkable experience for me to go through the intensive training at Algora Cyber last summer. We have learned a ton of information in a matter of four months. The instructors are very resourceful and amazing. The knowledge you gain is overwhelming. You not only learn the fundamentals of Information Security but are also exposed to a wealth of information and a great network of people. Ambitious, passionate individuals that love to help from the very first day you start the program to the day you find a job. Wait! It’s not over yet! You build strong relationships and make lifelong friends! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

Ali E.

I finally did it! My first Security+ certification and I couldn’t be more happy and proud of myself! I got a 778 total score, which was way more than I expected. Halfway through the exam, I was absolutely confident I had failed, but I kept pushing on and trying my best as if I was passing. Well, turns out I did! I want to say a huge thank you to Algora Cyber! Where I studied 4+ month. This education center was extremely hugely helpful with training, labs, advices, resources, guidance and encouragement. I would recommend Algora Cyber to anyone who wants to get first step into Cyber Security field. 

Max J.

Beginning of my endless journey. It has been an exciting experience to have passed #Security+ this past week. I would like to extend my gratitude to Algora Cyber for providing the necessary knowledge and tools in order to achieve this goal, in as short time as 3 months. Instructor Mr. Shohrat Geldiyev has been an exceptional mentor and teacher throughout the process. I’m really thankful to those who made this possible, again thank you!

Myrat B.

This course changed my life even I did not have any IT or CyberSecurity background. The instructor truly cares about our success and passionately motivated us to work hard. Also, their intensive dynamic curriculum, virtual, and hands-on projects made a difference in my knowledge and improved skills.

Dervis U.

Throughout the course, I took advantage of the professional experience of instructors. As someone who doesn’t have an IT background, I needed them to direct me on a lot of topics and they helped with everything. The training and communication programs they used were very instructive, although I did take the course online. What I enjoyed the most is that hands-on practice which had a huge impact on my learning process. By the end of the course, I believe we will graduate as overqualified candidates for a workforce to fulfill entry-level positions. 

Bayram S.

Absolutely, a great match for me. I love Algora’s teaching approach of basic security concepts and the way instructor shows how you can actually use the information in a regular daily security job. He makes it fun while challenging you to keep up, helping you to remember key concepts as second nature.

Nadir K.

Dream training course for my dream job. Algora Cyber along with its experienced, young, and dynamic staff, is not just a cybersecurity course, rather a family-like setting where we can become actual IT professionals.

Myrat A.

I thought a lot about this course before enrolling. I did the preliminary research for a few weeks. Pre-course presentations convinced me. It was an advantage that they had worked in this business for many years. Motivational conversations during the course are very impressive. Now, I’m working harder. They have a well-worked curriculum and labs are very fun. 

Ali A.

Algora Cyber is a very professional Cyber Security course. But it is more than a Cyber Security course for me because we are a family here and everybody supports each other, we are pushing one another to be successful. 

Yunus K.

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